About Us

Tracy Post

Dreamer. Creator. Activator. Floralpreneur

My first memory of flowers was when I was a toddler.  The sweet smell of gardenias outside my bedroom window.  Even today, it brings back a sense of joy, wonder, and security. 

Growing up in our family  nursery business, I appreciate working with plants and my joy for flowers kept growing. No matter where I travel I always get my flower fix – Seattle’s Pike Market with huge bundles of incredible blooms to strolling the ground of Monet’s Giverney in France.

In the summer of 2017, my younger brother passed away from pancreatic cancer.  He was way to young, with a lot of life to still live. In one of our last conversations, he told me to go live, follow my passion, and have fun. 

With a lot of heart searching, I kept coming back to flowers and being able touch lives in some small way. 

I remembered flower vendors in Europe and large cities.  Being  in Orlando for over 25 years, I have never seen casual flower vendors around.

It is time! Petals and Stems Market is here. 


I want to bring unique blooms and the freshest flowers at a reasonable rate to my customers. 

I want to make flowers easily accessible in the neighborhoods/communities in Central Florida.   

So to keep our overhead costs down, which allows us to offer great flower prices, we launched Petals and Stems Market as a Flower Cart.  

Our Cart allows us to go anywhere.  We are at Farmers Markets, Indie Markets, local events, and as well as private party events (bridal showers, conferences, luncheons etc)

Watch for the black and white striped umbrella! Under it you will find an enchanting array of blooms waiting for you. 

Coming in 2019

We are currently searching for the right vintage vehicle to be our Flower Truck.

We know that it draws great social media attention and would be super cool! 

We also know that the purchase needs to be wise and the vehicle needs to be able to travel the distances around Orlando.  We are working closely with a vintage vehicle mechanic and hope to have one on the road early 2019.